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We believe that the qualities you expect in a best friend are the same qualities you should look for in a lawyer: unvarnished honesty (with a healthy dash of humor), unwavering loyalty, and comprehensive knowledge of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What do we bring to the table? Raw brainpower for sure. Seasoned judgement honed over several decades of cutting-edge experience. An intuitive grasp of the players and priorities in any given situation. And — above all — practical advice that responds to and capitalizes on business realities.

We approach the law as a tool that is most effective when it is integrated into everyday business decisions, and we encourage clients to partner with us even when there is no obvious nexus to the law. Understanding each organization’s fundamental principles and constraints allows us to provide proactive and integrated guidance at every turn.

Clarian Counsel’s streamlined business model allows us to provide personal attention and expert advice at a significant savings to our clients. Though we’re happy to bill by the hour if you prefer, we’d rather not set the clock ticking every time you call us. So, as we work with new clients, we strive to develop alternative engagement models that allow you to treat us as an integral part of your management team.

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